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There are so many rap groups in Austin; it’s hard to tell one from another. The music tends to sound the same, the beats sound the same and the lyrics seem to be redundant. The general message is: Be a rapper, buy rims.On top of all of that, the shows seem so colorless, humdrum, in so many words: BORING AS SHIT! It’s just a bunch of guys surrounded in a circle, hovering the microphone, acting like they’re partaking in a cipher or something, completely forgetting the fact that they are supposed to be performing a show!Hellooo?!?!?!?!?

Then you have these idiots in the background who do not rap, partake, or anything in the song, they are not even in the band, they’re just friends with the band, but yet they get a freakin’ microphone, and they’re screaming crap into the microphone that no-one but Jesus could understand, taking away the focus on the actual group.

Even if you could understand what the groups are rapping about, the lyrics seem to be so empty; there is no meaning to it. As long as they have a catchy beat (and most cases they don’t), who gives a fuck on what their lyrics mean?

So what’s the difference between those groups and the KRIMINALS? The KRIMINALS know how to put on a show; they don’t forget the fact that they are performing for an audience, infact that is their main focus. But in the same sense, they stay true to their music. Their lyrics are creative, innovative, raw, real, in-your-face.

This creative foursome each has their own unique style of performance and delivery, but it works. That’s what makes this group entertaining. If you ever attend one of their shows, you’ll notice the crowds, the energy and then you’ll notice how the Kriminals keep the crowds going, and going and going.

In the distant background you can hear the “Kriiimminalsss!!!” They kind of remind me of the energizer bunny, they never stop! So you don’t have to take my word for it, but this is definitely a group you should check out.As I said earlier, there are four members: Tha Jaun, X-Otik, SunFern & Nick D. KRIMINALS - IM FROM THE CAPITAL CITY.mp3


Upcoming Shows Interview with the Kriminals
October,25 2008
The 512 Part 12 at Ruta Maya
Show starts at 9:30 pm.
Ruta Maya
3601 S.Congress Ave.
Phone: 512-472-9638
coming soon!


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